Catégorie: Ecologie/Faune/Flore
Éditeur: SOLVART Publishing
Pages: 136
ISBN: 80-7145-205-X
Bibliothèque: Château de Mauvezin
Localisation: Armoire 4 - Étagère 5
Année: 1993
N° catalogue: 590.KAL.TAT


From Karol Kallay and Ernst Hochberger.

The region of the High Tatras is located in a protected environment of the Tatra National park and formed by districts of Poprad and Kežmarok. The area under the Tatras is divided between two regions - Liptov and Spiš (Slovakia). TANAP was declared a Biosphere reserve Tatras, which protects, develops and supports the ecosystem and landscape´s diversity.

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